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Summary of types of e-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes (vape) are popular as a smoking cessation item, and are one of the most popular products sold at don Quijote. More and more people are switching from traditional cigarettes, and the sales floor space tends to be expanded accordingly.

VAPEs have the advantage of being nicotine- and tar-free and free of secondhand smoke.

Types of Electronic Cigarettes (Vape)

There are three types of electronic cigarettes: liquid refillable, cartridge, and disposable vape. The following is a brief summary of how to use these three types and the features of each.

Liquid Refillable E-Cigarette

Liquid refillable e-cigarettes are perfect for those who want to enjoy a variety of flavors. Liquid refillable e-cigarettes are used by filling the body with liquid. Since there are many types of e-cigarette bodies and liquids, it is easy to find an item to your liking. There is no need to replace the main unit simply by changing the liquid.

Cartridge-type e-cigarette

The biggest advantage of cartridge-type e-cigarettes is that they do not require any maintenance; all you need to do is attach a cartridge soaked in liquid to the body of the vape and enjoy your e-cigarette. The disadvantage is that you can only use the cartridges that are specially designed for your vape.

Disposable E-Cigarette

Disposable E-cigarettes are popular because they can be purchased easily when you want to try out an E-cigarette or when you accidentally forget to bring your VAPE. Disposable e-cigarettes are simple to use and can be disposed of after use.

Types of Electronic Cigarettes (Vape) at don Quijote

Let’s take a look at the types of electronic cigarettes (vape) available at don Quijote. The following is a summary of the product names and reference prices of the electronic cigarettes sold at don Quijote.


EMILI is a small, cigarette-sized e-cigarette that is a popular product sold at don Quijote for about 8,600 yen. EMILI e-cigarettes are compact enough to fit in a breast pocket and are easy to use because the main unit can be charged while stored in the case.

This item has a simple design that both men and women can easily carry. The compact size makes it a good item to carry around. Since it comes with one more for sub use, it is possible to use one for home and one for office use.


EMILI MINI+ is a compact-sized version of the popular EMILI from Don Quijote, available for about 5,400 yen. This item is as convenient as carrying around two cigarettes, but it also has a large amount of smoke and can be enjoyed as a smoke bomb.

The EMILI MINI+ is easy to operate and turns on just by smoking. 2 cigarettes come in a set, so you can use one for tobacco flavors and the other for menthol flavors.

Electronic PAIPO STICK

This is a product of Maruman, famous for its quit smoking pipes. This one, which is selling well at Don Quijote, can be purchased for about 2,100 yen. The key point of this product is that it is a cartridge type that does not need to be refilled with liquid.

One cartridge of the electronic PAIPO STICK available at don Quijote can be used for approximately 560 vapes, which means that a person who vapes three times a day can enjoy the product for 186 days.

Electronic PAIPO Slim

The electronic PAIPO Slim is another cartridge-type e-cigarette sold at Don Quijote for about 2,600 yen. It is a vape with a slimmer body than the E-PAIPO STICK and is favored by women as a fashionable e-cigarette.

The electronic PAIPO Slim sold at don Quijote has a cute body and case. There are two types: white and pink. The white E-PAIPO Slim comes with a brain brown case, and the pink E-PAIPO Slim comes with a pink case.

Electronic PAIPO EX

This is the most luxurious e-cigarette in the electronic PAIPO series and can be purchased at don Quijote for about 4,300 yen. It contains 10 ml of liquid and can be smoked approximately 4,000 times. It is not a smoke bomb, but you can enjoy moderate smoke.

The electronic PAIPO EX, popular at don Quijote, has a smoke control function. It is a good product for when you want to enjoy the feeling of smoke or when you want to smoke less.

Ecigator Sticky

Ecigator Sticky is a standard product among electronic cigarettes. When you buy KAMRY X6 at don Quijote, we recommend you to choose a starter kit. When purchasing the Kamry X6 from don Quijote, we recommend choosing the starter kit, which includes a set of chargers, the main unit, and a neck strap accessory.

The Ecigator Sticky available at don Quijote has a smoke control function. By pressing the push button, you can choose to smoke less or more. This is perfect for when you want to smoke more at home but less at restaurants.

Eleaf iNano

The Eleaf iNano is a compact and smoky product with a detachable atomizer, making it hygienic and easy to use even for first-time users. It is a popular product that can be purchased at don Quijote for about 3,500 yen.

This electronic cigarette has a cute form and is available in five different Eleaf iNano color variations sold at don Quijote. In addition to simple silver and gold, black, gray, and pink are also available.














Vape is a general term used to describe electronic cigarettes, which unlike heated cigarettes permit users to indulge in flavored vapes without nicotine. The heated cigarettes as well as "vapes" are often described as "electronic cigarettes" however, recently heated cigarettes that contain nicotine like "Icos" are known as "electronic cigarettes" and electronic cigarettes that do not contain nicotine are typically distinguished by their name vapes. How do you choose a vape The first step is to examine the most recent trends in the vape market. MTL (tobacco vapor) or DL (smoke delivery) Smoking cigarettes and cigarettes heated are generally smoked once in the mouth before being breathed into the lung. This technique is known as MTL (mouth to lung). In this instance it is recommended to use a model that has the force of a strong draw (inhale force) is ideal. However there is another "direct lung" (DL) method of smoking vapes where the vapor is inhaled into the lungs, as if taking an inhale. In this scenario you need a device that creates an enormous amount of smoke (a.k.a. "smoke bomb") and is compatible with a lighter draw of less than 1 one ohm (vapor-producing device = resistance of coil that is 1 ohm or less) is typically chosen. Vape devices are generally classified into two categories MTL devices that have an intense draw, and DL devices that have an easy draw, and you need to make your decision according to your preference for smoking. For newbies, we recommend an vape that has a good taste. A variety of flavors are offered in the line-up of liquids that range from tobacco to menthol as well as drinks, food and more. The flavor of a vape is determined by half the liquid you choose and the other half by the choice of the model. It is possible to be thinking, "Why don't I just choose the flavor I like?" There is a significant distinction between eating and smoking. Tobacco flavors found in "vape" liquids are peculiar which is why beginners should begin with a simple menthol flavor to reduce the chance of failing. At one time, it was believed that larger vapes could be customized more easily in taste and were more enjoyable than small models However, in recent times the market has seen more and smaller models of vape that are tasty. It is less likely to commit an error. The question is whether or not capsules of tobacco are suitable for use. Since a while there have been a lot of people changing the "vape" mouthpiece (drip tip) by one that is suitable for JT's "Plum Tec" tobacco capsules and using tobacco capsules for the form of a "vape". The reason, naturally is to inhale nicotine. Because tobacco capsules are made up of the tobacco leaf, nicotine consumption can be achieved through the vapor and the distinct twang to the throat typical of cigarettes can be experienced. If you are unable to abstain from nicotine, or aren't at a high level, these capsules of tobacco compatible models can be a huge assistance. The cigarettes capsule is the exact dimension for Plume plume Tec, and Plume Tec Plus and, therefore, the two models can both be utilized. However, it is to be mentioned that this capsule has been specifically designed for use with Plume Tec and Plume Tec Plus and is not compatible with any other product is entirely at risk. The most popular is the pod that delivers great flavor and an explosive smoke! The ease of maintenance is crucial. The vape market is rapidly changing in the last few years. The old-fashioned combination of an atomizer and mod (body with battery) that lets users can alter their smoking experience while looking at the body's monitor is no longer popular. It's enjoyable, but it's definitely a pain to swap the consumable coils and the liquid and clean the components, and the list goes on. To counter this new technology,"pod vape" also known as "pod-type (pod vape) vape" is rapidly gaining popularity. This is a form of vape where the tank for atomizing (i.e. pod) with coils that contain liquid is able to be replaced with no maintenance. They can also be filled up with the "vape" liquid of your preference which gives you plenty of choices and options. Three highly recommended "vape" products that produce delicious flavor! In this article, we'll discuss each of the five suggested "vape" models. The liquids we will use in this review come from two varieties that are simple for novices to get into. The first one is "Momo Kiwami" by Rikkidoya which is a well-known local, low-cost, large-volume producer in recent times. Another product is "Oranto Punch" (blackcurrant orange flavor) A collaborative effort with "MONSTAVAPE," a popular Malaysian brand that is well-known with foreign-made brands as well as "Beplog," a major website for word-of-mouth about "vape" products. The majority of liquid makers employ food-grade safe ingredients , such as propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable Glycerin (VG) and flavoring. However, since it's still something that you consume the liquids made in the United States and ones made with partnership with domestic companies are more secure. 1. Aspire "Fabostix This revolutionary device is a tiny pod-shaped device that fits in the palms of hands however, it comes with a full-featured LCD monitor , and the output can be altered. In addition, Aspire is a long-established company that has been around since the beginning during the "vape" boom. In the beginning the draw, each of the 0.6-ohm mesh coils that are suitable for DL crowd as well as 1.0-ohm mesh coils designed for the MTL crowd are provided. The pods have lids, which means there's less concern over leakage and the draw is slightly heavy. The thing that stands out is this time, the long-standing flavor. It gently reveals the capacity of the beverage. It's a an exquisite level of craft that brings out the complete capacity of this liquid. We suggest tasting it through a smoke-filled vapor explosion. Its "Momo Kyoku" allows you to taste the deliciousness of peaches. The "Oranto Punch" is delicious for its wonderful representation of the intenseness of oranges from cassis. In addition I was in a position to change to the desired output (wattage) while watching the LCD monitor to find the core of the flavor that I like. 2. Freemax Onyx It is a revolutionary compact device that can handle output adjustments, manufactured by China disposable vape manufacturers that was a hit by the "GEMM Tank," a product that falls under the "disposable atomizer" genre. It comes with two different coils "OX MESH" for the DL version, which is specialized in smoking explosively as well as "OX DVC" for the MTL version that maximizes the flavor. The coils aren't connected to the pod, therefore only the coils are able to be changed by themselves. This model permits the user to adjust the wattage for the coils by 3 levels however, it can be complicated because it's lacking an LCD display and the user is required to assess the wattage using the LED display that is green, blue and red. The appeal to"Onyx "Onyx" is that the airflow (air intake) can be altered. This is because , not just the output, but how intense the flavor as well as the production of vapor are adjustable also. Furthermore, it's possible to switch to an automatic puffing that allows the user to start smoking with no pressing the button. The intention the device's direction is high-intensity smoking. We advise smoking in a way that creates a lot of vapor, similar to the chimney. Large intake ports permits the use of a gentle draw, and a blast of vapor to the mouth. "Momo Kyoku "Momo Kyoku" has a 3D flavor. The "Oranto Punch" has a vibrant taste that resembles the blackcurrant or peach orange. 3. unibepo x beprog "kipo pod It is the "Kipo Pod," jointly designed with UNIVAPO and Bepologue it has the basic appearance of a pen, yet it's an exceptionally complete device for those who wish to carry a capsule of tobacco to enjoy a more savory flavor. It's a pen that's designed for MTL smokers because of its draw that is heavy. It is a great option to use as an "vape" by smoking it by itself, but the best way to enjoy it is smoking tobacco capsules. The thick draw and strong taste give users an extremely strong and intense smoking experience. The nicotine inside the capsule of tobacco also gives the user with a powerful throat blast. The best part about this type of model is that you are able to experiment with various flavors by mixing tobacco capsules with "vape" liquids. The most effective mix is to pick an ordinary type of tobacco capsule, like regular , or even menthol and utilize a vape juice to give it a distinct flavor. Don't be deceived by the tiny dimensions of this capsule. This "Momo Kyoku" had a sweetness similar to the Fujika "Nectar," and the "Oranto Punch" had a blackcurrant-orange flavor that made me feel drunk despite the fact that there wasn't any alcohol in the bottle. It was also a great version with a more robust tobacco taste. It's the best option for those who can't get nicotine while on the move. https://engs.sabu.edu.ly/profile/vapenew/ https://asean-aipr.org/forums/users/moonswamp/ https://kriesi.at/support/profile/moonswamp/ https://simple-membership-plugin.com/forums/users/vapecig/ https://www.rgptoronto.ca/forums/users/vape-factory/ https://interreg-euro-med.eu/forums/users/vapecig/ https://wikifaunia.com/forums/users/vapenew/ https://exceltips.eu/author/vapecig/ https://examqa.com/forum/profile/vapecig/ https://www.freefullpdf.com/members/vapecig/ https://robotex.ee/foorum/profile/vapecig/ https://affinity-space.com/community/profile/vapenew/ https://www.wec.org/forums/users/vapecig/ https://www.traditionalanimation.com/author/vapecig/

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